26 Mar

Ecoparcel.net (Ecoparcel.eu) scam or not? Reliable??

I have been searching to send a parcel online and I looked on many many many website of courier companies. I found all sort of prices, offers, time for deliveries but the cheapest one I found was Ecoparcel.eu. (Before I used the Ecoparcel.net now defunct)

The site isn’t the best (it get stuck with Firefox), information about the company are poor and I had seriously doubt that was a proper company and I definitely suspected a scam.

But they updated the site and accepted Google Checkout that will provide a decent fraud protection so I decided to try my luck and use it. I paid for my parcel and today a big courier company (Under another name) has just collected my box…I will soon update you if the box will get to destination! But at the moment it seems everything all right!!

### Update ###

After a bit of waiting the delivery has finally arrived safely at destination! I have also add some funding trough bank transfer (I still not understanding why they don’t add the credit card payment!!!) and my money were successfully added to my account. Now I have ordered another delivery after the first test was successful.

I would definitely state that, even tough the site isn’t properly designed or functioning,  Ecoparcel is a real company that offer reliable deliveries at a very convenient price. (The cheapest that I know so far)

If you work for Ecoparcel and you’re reading me PLEASE do this as soon as you can:

  • Fix cross browser compatibility (Your site doesn’t work in Firefox)
  • Add other method to pay (Like Credit Card, Paypal or whatever system) You’re an ONLINE business.
  • Answer to the mail people send to you.

Please check the comments that many people had a very bad experience and if you have any comment please post it!

23 Mar

Flexible Shopping Cart

In my past years as developer I have looked at many solution for a flexible shopping cart. Many claimed to be extremely easy to use and with tons of features but none was as flexible as Ecwid an easy to customize shopping cart plugin that can be used with many CMS (WordPress, Joomla to mention few)

Definitely worth to check them out before setting up your store.

13 Mar

Wordle, crea banner con le tue parole

Molte volte ho notato immagini composte da un insieme di parole colorate. Mi sono chiesto spesso come venissero create. Ho pensato ad un plugin per Photoshop, un software o qualcosa del genere. Non trovando nulla ho provato la via “dell’amanuense” ma decisamente non effiente.

Così ho ricominciato a cercare e ho trovato la soluzione Wordle un applicazioen Java che ti aiuta a creare immagini composte da testi tipo quella che trovate qui sotto:

06 Mar

Fresh look

It has been few weeks that I was thinking to change the look of the site. I have been searching and working and I come out with this new look.

I hope you like it!