26 Mar

Ecoparcel.net (Ecoparcel.eu) scam or not? Reliable??

I have been searching to send a parcel online and I looked on many many many website of courier companies. I found all sort of prices, offers, time for deliveries but the cheapest one I found was Ecoparcel.eu. (Before I used the Ecoparcel.net now defunct)

The site isn’t the best (it get stuck with Firefox), information about the company are poor and I had seriously doubt that was a proper company and I definitely suspected a scam.

But they updated the site and accepted Google Checkout that will provide a decent fraud protection so I decided to try my luck and use it. I paid for my parcel and today a big courier company (Under another name) has just collected my box…I will soon update you if the box will get to destination! But at the moment it seems everything all right!!

### Update ###

After a bit of waiting the delivery has finally arrived safely at destination! I have also add some funding trough bank transfer (I still not understanding why they don’t add the credit card payment!!!) and my money were successfully added to my account. Now I have ordered another delivery after the first test was successful.

I would definitely state that, even tough the site isn’t properly designed or functioning,  Ecoparcel is a real company that offer reliable deliveries at a very convenient price. (The cheapest that I know so far)

If you work for Ecoparcel and you’re reading me PLEASE do this as soon as you can:

  • Fix cross browser compatibility (Your site doesn’t work in Firefox)
  • Add other method to pay (Like Credit Card, Paypal or whatever system) You’re an ONLINE business.
  • Answer to the mail people send to you.

Please check the comments that many people had a very bad experience and if you have any comment please post it!

77 thoughts on “Ecoparcel.net (Ecoparcel.eu) scam or not? Reliable??

  1. This company is totally unreliable.. i booked a consignment box on 26/11/14 they said me that the box had been retired on 28/11/14, but anyone went to my house. I sent many mails since 28/11 but I didn’t answer me (they don’t have a phone number). only 01/12 someone answered me in the Facebook page and said me that the company didn’t find my house and the deliver was deleted (it is not difficult to find my house also with Google maps). I asked them why anyone called me back or sent me a mail or also changed the box status in the website. I still don’t know why, but I think they totally forgot my box. Only they said me that someone had to pass on 02/12 for take the box… today 02/14 nobody is came to take the box and now I have to pay another company. I don’t know if they will refund me because they only said me lies. It’s a really dishonesty company with a bad people who work there. Don’t do my mistake check in internet for other reviews.

  2. Hi. I ordered ecoparcel.eu service and lost money. no one turned up .. inspite of contacting them through their contact form no one replied. i lost my money. i have no hopes that they will respond . Its a fake company for sure. https://www.ecoparcel.eu/.

  3. i have sent 10 parcels between uk, spain and romania through them and only once had one arrive late because it was xmas and they lost it in the warehouse in UK. they are very cheap (just ordered 2 more parcels today from spain to uk and they were 39.62 euros for a 50 kg one and 25 smthn for a 20 kg one. I have heard there is another website or was that was a scam and was based on ecoparcel.eu only a different domain so yeah, make sure you go on the right website

  4. I also have a bad experience with this f**** company.
    I ordered the 13th of this month, they confirm with picking date 17, but they don’t picked up. Only 3 days later it was picked, and other 3 days later they wrote me that the order was cancelled cause they was unable to pick up. Then i answered that the package was picked up and only 1 day later they confirmed that it was picked up. All that without any Sorry or something else.
    But the package till now it’s not arrived.
    Be aware of that company and search for serious alternates.

  5. I had a bad experience too. After two days no body showed to pick up my package. Just cancelled the order. I probably lost 25 euro.

  6. I don’t recommend Ecoparcel. Very bad service!!!!!!!

    EcoParcel is not replying to my emails. There is no number to call.

    They wrote just one email:

    “We couldn’t find your parcel. Apparently, our partners informed us, that parcel was collected and left Ireland, parcel had to arrive to UK, but no there was no inbound, we started search investigation, but results were negative.”

    Do not use this company. Pay more and save yourself the stress. I stand to lose not only the fee, but also the parcel itself! NO MONEY , NO PARCEL!!!!!

  7. ecoparcel-delivery.com is a fake shipping company run by Romanian scammers.
    There is no such thing in real life as a shipping and escrow company.

    The scammers running this site are posting ads for apartment rentals and asking for payments using MoneyGram.

    NEVER use MoneyGram or Western Union to pay for items on the internet.

  8. @Auris totally agree with you and the others. They have lost my luggage (or robbed, I don’t know) and sent me the smelly luggage of someone else, with his and my address and tracking number still attached. I am gonna take legal action agaist them. I am disgusted.

  9. ecoparcel, a really fake company !

    I sent my parcel from France to Sweden more than 3 weeks ago. It seems I was lucky that my parcel was successfully deliveryed according to the tracking record. However, my fiend did not get any information at all about my parcel.
    After that, I sent them several emails to ask that nothing useful response did I got at the moment.

    I strongly believed that ecoparcel.eu is a fake company, do no trust it at all. I will contact the police in France and Sweden, later I will contact the layer to sue them to the court.

    Cheap price is not equal to fraudulence or cheating.

    Take care of this company when you want to use it, pay a little bit more money, get a really post.

  10. I posted luggage from Budapest to Woking. the luggage has not yet arrived and the ecoparcel has one way communication where in they respond based on their wish. I have lost the hope of the luggage and doubt on the insurance claim as well. Its really fake.

    I would never recommend this agency to anyone.

  11. At the beginning I note that orders always came, but there are always problems.
    Germany recently ordered 42 kg. Not when it came over a week, because as it turns out, has to be range due to health and safety. So why such a thing to sell, and later did not receive, and reply to mail a little, they do not come? Sami to return not eager.
    Once again they have been sent suitcase – have arrived damaged – broken off the handle and open, but nothing was taken, but it does not change the fact that someone messed with my stuff!
    Now another order – Today the package was to be received, waited all day, and I received an email that there was no one, and in addition there was no attendant.
    I send this only because of the competitive price, but would not harm in the end take a professional approach to clients !!

    I recommend that you DO NOT USE this company, good start but worse end, we sent from Spain to UK three packages at the same time, two arrived touched but the third arrived totally destroyed and therefore the merchandise, which included several tetrabrick spilled. From that moment, the supposed guarantee that included the shipment disappeared. All the communication was by email, they do not have any telephone customer service. This company claims that they were fresh food, a tetrabrick is fresh, without indicating at any point where it indicates that they can not be sent, when it has also been indicated that what was sent were food. In the end we have given up on insisting and they as a mature company have not responded to the latest mail.

  13. I sent parcel to spain and it has not been delivered after 12 days. they keep saying cannot get through to delivery address by phone – why haven’t they just DELIVERED it? Customer services are total idiots – so much so I think they must be doing it on purpose!

  14. I have ordered a parcel from London to Sweden. As soon as I have placed the order Ecoparcel charged my credit card 3 time!!!!! After writing several emails, only email contact !!!!!! they have refunded me 1 time. I kept complaining about the issue that i should have been refunded 2 times they did nothing but gave me shady explanations.. In the meantime no order shows on their webpage, i could not track my order because was not existing on their webpage. So what they charged me for. After posting a bad review on Trustpilot about this issue, they wrote me this : Collection canceled – Shipper was absent
    Sorry to inform you, but collection was canceled due to shipper being absent.
    Money was refunded back to your balance (not payment card) to submit order again on most suitable time for you.
    To receive a full refund, please contact customer support team.
    Parcel #JYN9B401
    Collection canceled – Shipper was absent “””

    This is very shady, because nobody came to pick up the package, second they have email and phone numbers, they could have called if this really happened. Third, there is no refund on my Ecoparcel account balance.
    DO NOT USE !! IT IS A SCAM: NO phone number to call, no trace of your package.Learn from my mistake. Your package is important yes ?? You might pay little bit more for another shipping Company, but at least you are on the safe site !!

  15. Avoid this company.
    Takes your parcel and store it in another country and never send you refund!
    They also never reply or anything!!!!

    I sent lots of my dresses, books, bags and shoes from Stockholm to Milan and I guaranteed each of my parcels 300 euro. When my Parcels arrived in Milan they didn’t bring it for me and I wrote lots of messages to them for figuring out the problem but nobody answered me till my boxes returned to Stockholm and unfortunately in the middle of way have been lost in Germany. Finally somebody wrote to me and informed me about it and told me to communicate with Claims part about compensation but it’s almost more than one week and nobody answer to me. I lost all my memories from Stockholm, my clothes and nobody even answer me!
    I NEVER FEEL AS HELPLESS AS NOW in the Internet world !

  17. Hi if you reading this and you didn’t have business with ecoparcel so avoid them don’t save couple euro as there is a big possibility your parcel will be lost so as happen to my parcel, they just lost it and couldn’t recover it, avoid and avoid this company scam 100% no I realy want to share and anybody reading this avoid this company

  18. A lot of people in the comments saying that they didn’t show up to pick up the parcels. Good for you! They picked up and have stolen my boxes…

    They showed up to pick up my 13 parcels, only 4 arrived at the destination. I just found out that, due to their poor management, they apparently only paid for the delivery of 4 boxes to the third-party companies (the ones that are actually moving the boxes). There is no way to get in touch with them apart from their forum, so you just have to wait for their good will to reply you and give you a dummy excuse.

  19. I would like to reply to aleksandra kulaszewska-s comment: It is very strange that after the first try, momets later you are booking another package ! ??? let me ask you : is there a phone number you can call in case of problems ? In case of claim ? NOOOOOOOO dear, there is not ! Only email trough their website.
    This company is a scam. Just read the feedback !

  20. Useless support and fraudulent company
    I’m giving them a star because is not possible to give less than that. I had to cancel a delivery as the details I input initially were wrong, and a representative called Flo advised me to cancel that one to get a refund and make a new order as it wasn’t possible to update the existing one. She said my refund was issued and it would land in my bank account in 7 to 10 days. That was almost one month ago and I still haven’t received my money. Since then I have sent several messages and got no answer. I then asked a friend to reach out on my behalf and surprise! Flo answered in less than 1 hour, so she’s being deliberately ignoring my messages. After my friend confirmed my details she was also ignored… how is this a serious company? Is this representative seriously getting paid? This is a JOKE, worst customer service ever. Please avoid this company because they are unprofessional liers that will steal from you. This company shouldn’t be operating and I hope they don’t commit any more frauds to future potential customers. AVOID!!

  21. The worst transport company in history STAY AWAY from them. out of 21 parcels sent they could not deliver one single one right and 6 parcels went missing because they suddenly cancelled some parcels stating that they weigh too much. But I packed and weigh them myself so I know it is a lie.

    The companys customer service is non existing. You will get no help – Let me repeat NO HELP.

    The company is a fraud and The Police has been noticed and the case i given to my layer.

  22. These two are both same. Both addresses lead to the same website as well. And the company is terrible, their work ethics are deceiveful. Unfair business tactics. In Europe they hire DPD or GLS. I don’t reccomend EcoParcel, not even in a bit, i would advise, nobody, to give not even 1% belief in their services.

  23. A huge scam.
    please visit this profile for reviews on trustpilot : ecoparcel.net.

    These thieves just took my money and never came for the pick up of the parcel.
    They claim address missed a street number. I sent printscreens from their website with the street number on it and they still refused to organize a pick up and of course no refund.

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