01 Jun

Web Analytics Opensource & free

I have been working with Web Apiwiknalytics platform professionally for few years now. I have used many from free (Google Analytics) and paid (Omniture Site Catalyst) and all of the offer a great service but with questionable policies.

For example Google Analytics is free but we are providing tp the once “don’t do evil” a huge amount of strategic information that most of the business will not even share if the government will force them to share. (For example the sales you make everyday…) and who knows what Big G. is doing with this info…

From the other site we have extremely expensive software that for most of the business will be simply financially not affordable.

But, as often happen, somebody decided to create an open source software that could keep our privacy and wallet save: piwik.org

I have not used the software much but it seems to provide a great set of information and services.


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