06 Oct

Currencyfair.com review | Coupon first tranfer free (Promo Code)

I have been using  Currencyfair.com (using this link will give you the first transaction free, no need of a coupon)

Currencyfair.com logo.

Currencyfair.com logo.

for a while and so I decided that will be good to write a small review for you and to leave the comments open so you can share your idea on the system.


The fees in Currencyfair are definitely the strong side. Because  is a marketplace, so the exchange rates are set by its users. It is a peer to peer exchange rate so, usually, rates are more competitive than the one that banks offer. So you usually your fees are in between 0% to 0.5%, plus a fixed €3. Other banks charge something from 20€ to 40€ and crazy exchange rates (+-2% of the market).


The site is secure (Uses HTTPS and JAVA), the company has offices in three nations (IRELAND, UK and Australia) and it is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. So it’s safe as any other bank in Ireland.

Customer Service

Spot on! 🙂 They are a friendly and very efficient company. I got replied to my mail in few hours.

So, if you have some money to move to UK, USA, Australia, UAE or wherever give a try to Currencyfair…and the first transaction fee is on them (yep, it’s free!) thanks to this coupon. (Just click the link, you don’t need promo code!)

2 thoughts on “Currencyfair.com review | Coupon first tranfer free (Promo Code)

  1. I found this code worked – and gave €45 credit + a free transaction. You need to exchange at least €400 (or equilivant) on your first transaction to get the credit. I highly rate CurrencyFair, I’ve used them numerous times and save so much compared to the banks!

  2. I used CurrencyFair to transfer money to Peru (it was one of the only services where I could do this!) and it was there in less than 24 hours. The customer service was really good (my documents were approved within an hour, even on a Sunday!)

    Despite the obvious win-win, I would recommend it regardless as the rates were SO much better than what my bank was offering and I didn’t want to carry that amount of cash with my while I travelled.

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