17 Aug

Octoprice.co.uk, free e-commerce promotion.

I have been working as a web marketer for few years now and I have been promoting e-commerce in Italy and Uk. Few weeks ago I have been contact from a representative of Octoprice.co.uk a new product search engine. They offered me for my shops a free listing and no cpc. I have been thinking a while if I should take the time to export my catalogue in Xml and publish it on them. After I have decided to publish it for the following reasons:

  • No cost what’s so ever ( I love free stuff!)
  • Relevant results
  • Little competition from other similar shops
  • Now is free, tomorrow they may be changing policy so better getting on board now! Become.com has thought the lesson.

So I have now listed a couple of bike shops and I hope to get some sales from them (Checking referral trough Google Analytics) if they will not come I pretend that I sign up to a free directory and I hope to get some page rank from them.

As usual comments are welcomed!

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