11 Oct

4 places to visit in Turin

Torino (Turin) panoramic view, Italy

Torino (Turin) panoramic view

Let’s have a look at 4 posts in Turin that you don’t want to miss.

1.For your eyes

The Park Valentino is situated near the city center along the river Po. It is of mq 421.000 and includes around 11 paths. At every corner be ready to something beautiful and unexpected. It can be an interesting sculpture such as street lamps in love (lampioni innomorati), a magnificent fountain of 12 months (dei dodici mesi), a real castle, a romantic lake with clumsy ducks or just another beautiful flower composition that makes you forget what you were going to do.

The Park Valentino is opened 24 hours and everyone can find something to do there. People like jogging there,  playing with children on the playground or walking a dog. When the weather is fine, young people like studding on the grass and during weekend you can see whole families having picnics.

It’s always a pleaser walking there, in a place where you’re surrounded by nature and where you can finally relax from the big and noisy (although spectaculous) city.  For reviews and contacts please refer here: The Park Valentino


The castle Valentino

2.For your mood

The national Museum of Cinema is situated in the Mole Antonelliana that can be seen almost from every corner of Turin. There is a panoramic lift so if you want you can get a breathtaking view of Turin (believe me you don’t want to miss it).

The museum itself is very big. One can find there a real cinema, different permanent exhibitions of history of the cinema and history of photos. There are also interactive exhibitions and temporal exhibitions devoted to the cinema, famous film directors, actors and actresses.

The national Museum of Cinema is not the museum as we have always known. It is not boring and everyone will find something that they like. For reviews and contacts please refer here: The national Museum of Cinema


The National Museum of Cinema

3.For your heart

Have you ever heard the saying “Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate”? Well, in the caffè Al Bicerin it’s the truth. You can find a lot of drinks and desserts made of chocolate or with chocolate made by ladies that own this caffè. It’s a historical place opened in . The chocolate is done according to a special receipt and it can be known only be the women of the family.

It’s called Al Bicerin as it is a traditional place where a famous in Turin hot drink Bicerin is made. Bicerin consists of espresso, chocolate and milk.  So it’s a very nice place to indulge yourself. For reviews and contacts please refer here: caffè Al Bicerin



4.For your stomach

But if you’re hungry, I’m afraid chocolate won’be enough. There is a nice place where you can have a tasty but not expensive lunch. La Piadineria Cuslè is situated in Via Genova, 35/B  and offers various piadine for very reasonable price. Please note that they offer also vegetarian piadine and sweet ones. The atmosphere is very friendly and I would say dynamic that put you in a right mood for the second half of a working day.  So if you’re hungry and don’t have much time, La Piadineria Cuslè is a right choice for you. For reviews and contacts please refer here: La Piadineria Cuslè


Una Piadine




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